What a night we had last night! Yesterday was actually laid-back most of the day; it snowed in the morning so Mom and I went for a walk, I with my camera. We wandered around and slogged through the wetness, stopping to help some neighbor kids of ours make a snow fort. When we got home I read Jean Sasson’s Princess and disliked it. I hardly feel sorry for the protagonist, who keeps saying that women are soooo mistreated in Saudi Arabia, but her husband bought 4 villas, 3 airplaines, had a special limo converted just for her to have her first child in, and they constantly flew to Paris, London, or Cairo. Oh, you poor Princess, you have simply no freedoms! Your son’s Swiss bank account had $6,000,000 which you were allowed to steal and keep, because your husband can just refill it no problem. You spent over $300,000 on jewels to make your mother in law to love you. Poor, poor woman! Grr. I appreciate the fact that women may be oppressed in Saudi Arabia, but telling the story of an overpriviliged Saudi princess isn’t the way to emphasize that.

Anyway, I finished the book and am glad of that; Ian and I also went to Michael’s and bought gray T-shirts to start (and finish) Jess’s second Christmas present. On the back of the shirts I drew a large old mop, dripping four drips which contained the letters D-O-W-M. On the front I wrote “Founding Member” and a bucket. Inside joke. When Jess saw it she loved it, and I think she liked the other gift I gave her too – a list of 104 things I love about her. So I got the shirts all drawn up (I’ll post a picture some time), and then basically sat around waiting until 6:30 when we’d leave to go to the Melting Pot. Mom and I had to discuss the safety of our taking her precious Prius out in the potentially icy roads… She finally agreed to allow us to drive it to and from the Melting Pot but not to Jessica’s house, which is on top of a small mountain. Of course, when Ian and I got out driving the roads were nearly perfectly dry; in fact, all the roads were fine except for maybe a quarter mile nearest Jess’s house. I was miffed, because since I didn’t get to take the car Jess arranged for her brother and sister-in-law (whom I’d never met) to drop me off on their way to Queen Anne. I felt very embarrassed by that; it was also exceedingly awkward on the ride home; and I got home later than I’d hoped. Didn’t get to sleep until 2:00 and I hate staying up that late.’

Anyway, can you tell I’m sleep-deprived? This isn’t progressing in very good order. At 6:30 Ian and I drove along those nice clear, dry roads to the fondue place Jess picked out. I’d never had fondue before… and wow, I was impressed. There were three courses: a cheese course, entree, and dessert. We were seated at a 10-person table because our group consisted of: Mr. and Mrs. Rauch, Jess, her little brother Nick, her older sister Julia, her brother John, his wife Michelle, and me and Ian. Ian probably would have felt out of place if there hadn’t been so much good food to occupy him… and boy it was GOOD. Three different cheese choices; and since our table had 3 pots we got all of them. Regular cheddar, brandy & bacon cheddar (not very good), and traditional Swiss. Nick was obnoxious the whole time, pretty much; he can be cute but the more I observe him the more he seems spoiled. His parents don’t really discipline him, instead opting to offer him other treats (“No you can’t play Monopoly, but let’s play Pick Up Sticks!” or “You need to go to bed now” – big fuss – “But listen, you can sleep on our floor to make up for it!”). He seems to have them wrapped around his finger… but maybe I’m just comparing it to my childhood, where all a screaming tantrum would get us was a tenure in my room, and if I slammed the door, a tenure in my doorless room.

Cheese. Right. The entree was perfectly fabulous. They gave us probably 10 different sauces, plates of vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, squash), and huge plates of meat (filet mignon, teriyaki beef, scallops, lobster tail meat that sat on the emptied tail, and scallops). Additionally, there was a little portobello mushroom tortellini and some sliced portobello mushrooms. Three different broths to boil the food in bubbled before us, releasing the most appetizing smells. Each food we boiled for 1.5 to 2 minutes; I ate no meat, enjoying on the the tortellini and vegetables. Ian probably consumed my portion of meat, which he enjoyed immensely. Finally the servers took our emptied plates away and put before us three different types of chocolate fondue: white chocolate with berries in it, milk chocolate with carmel and pecans, and dark chocolate with some type of alcohol in it. Into the milk chocolate one our server poured flaming brandy in honor of Jess’s birthday. Wow! They gave us plates heaped with delicious desserts to dip, too: pound cake, brownies, cheese cake, strawberries, bananas, pineapples, marshmallows… Can I say wow again? It was fabulous. I was more than impressed, and though the meal took three hours most of the time seemed to go by easily.

Ian scooted off to his house in my family’s Prius after that; I accompanied Jess and her family to her house. Going into the house Nick came out and threw a snowball smack into Jess’s face – hit her glasses even – and Jess was furious. Only when she told her mom, Mrs. Rauch just laughed and said Nick had done the same thing to Michelle, Jess’s sister-in-law. WHAT!! Nick wasn’t particularly punished; he apologized contritely and offered Jess a towel. All I have to say is that if I’d done that when I was a kid, Mom would have killed me. Soooo, moving on, Jess’s dad set off some fireworks they’d saved (very pretty) and scooted Nick off to bed after her mom took some belated Christmas card pictures. Trouble with the digital camera… haha… So that left Jess, me, John, Julia, and Michelle. We attempted to play DVD Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit, though in truth none of knew many of the questions. I did particularly poorly because I’ve never been up on pop culture or cared to be so; but nobody else did that well first because it was so very trivial, and second because much of the trivia was from before we were born. Finally it was 11:55 and we turned the TV on, watching the five minutes of fireworks from the Space Needle. Happy New Year!

Sadly, evening didn’t end there. Jess had opened her presents earlier and liked them; so we kept playing Trivial Pursuit until 12:45 or so. Finally her brother and his wife decided to leave and I with them in the most awkward possible manner. Just before leaving I took a nasty shot at Jess, for I felt resentful at the whole situation. I realize now that I should have just spent time with Ian and not felt like I needed to be there for Jess on her birthday (cause what good did it do anyway?! I was just a witch and quite stupid as always). So I felt bad about that, and when I got home at 1:30 I found that Jess had emailed me. I replied, apologizing; hopefully she got it, but there’s been no word. The whole drive home I was kicking myself, thinking how I should have said anything else, or nothing, or not gone; I was praying Jess wouldn’t hate me. I didn’t get to sleep until 2:00 for fretting about it. When I went to bed, though, Ian was sound asleep sweetly curled up with one of my special blankets (the one Jess gave me for Christmas, and which I already love for its light cuddly warmth). Aw! He told me in the morning that he wanted to sleep with something of mine if I wasn’t there, and that made my heart flutter because he’ll be in London and so far away from me for a long time.

And that concludes todays ridiculously long post. At least Ian posted, too. Hope everybody enjoys the pathetic details of my crappy life.

– KF –

PS – as of 10:15 Thursday night, I added a post below this. Thoughts.

4 thoughts on “NEW YEAR’S!

  1. For the post below this:

    Constantly giving as much of you can of your time and effort to people to make up for what you perceive as not being a nice person to be with, will drain you really bad, really fast. The people who you will be happy around and who will be happy around you don’t need to be bent over backwards for all the time, they’ll love you regardless. Be a nice person, but don’t be a slave. Be accomodating, but don’t be a puppet. I think you’ve traveled to the extreme and are finding it just as unhappy as where you were before. It definitely seems time for a happy medium.

    Also, I actually admire how honestly you can talk about your feelings about people who clearly actively read this journal. I don’t know if I could handle that.

  2. Katie, if you had EVER said that you didn’t want to do it, it would have been fine. I don’t want to make you do something you don’t want to do. But you always gave me the impression that you wanted to. Is it fair to blame me for that?

    I would write more but I have to leave at the moment…

    PS. I though we had complete honesty… why won’t you share this to my face?

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