I fear I’ve been making many mistakes lately. Ian and I have been fighting, Jess and I have been fighting, and I’ve been thinking very dark thoughts about myself. Often I wish I could just instantly become who I need to be; for all that I don’t want to hurt people it seems like that’s all I’m any good at doing.

MOVING ON. Yesterday was alright. Helped Mom prep the house for our murder mystery; Jess picked me up and we did errands (yay, got the Trip Tik from AAA: along I-90, though that doesn’t seem very wise…); Ian and I played a little Mario Kart. Stuff really started happening at 4:00 when Kathy and Lowell arrived to help with food for the party. We arranged cheeses and cookies in pretty ways while Mom made some meaty gunk. I’m not feeling very inclined to talk about the party. It went well, and we guessed almost right about who did the murder.

Players: Lowell and Kathy, Carol and Tim Krell, Mom and Dad, me and Ian. We didn’t decorate the house particularly because turning our house into Roman ruins presented a bit too much of a challenge… And, in the end, we all felt pretty lazy about the whole thing. Took 4.5 hours, which is about normal for a Murder Mystery, and overall we enjoyed ourselves. I think it helps that everybody had done one before, so we knew what the deal was and all got into character fairly easily. Mine (Vestal virgin Rotunda Immaculata) was pretty dull with no important secrets, though Ian’s character (Maximus Testosterous… haha) was found suspiciously with his knife in Flabbius Corpus’s body and his hand on the knife. Turns out Mom conked him over the head with an urn, he blacked out, and she took his knife in his hand and stabbed the Flabbius. Ian kept leering at me throughout the entire thing, possibly because my costume was just this huge giant cloth wrapped around to form a skirt, top, and head covering.

Afterwards we watched The Trouble With Tribbles, a Star Trek episode Dad loves to reminisce about. It was amusing, but not only in the way the makers intended: Kirk’s tight neon green shirt showed up his paunch excellently, and seeing everybody in skin-hugging tight pastels – and women in extra-mini-mini skirts! – was amusing on its own. The effects were, of course, terrible. Still the story went alright and the tribbles were exceedingly amusing. In one scene Kirk opens a hatch and tribbles flood out, covering him to his shoulders, and as he stands there the occasional tribble pops out to hit him on the head or so. In the background the space station manager surreptitiously strokes a tribble. Favorite line: Scotty at the end telling Kirk “I beamed them all over to the Klingon engine room, where they’ll be no tribble at all!” (Tribbles reacted violently in the presence of Klingons)

Then we went to bed, where Ian and I… haha, not what you think! We discussed the wisdom of going to Seaside when Portland has 6″ of snow and 25,000 houses on the coast are power-less. This trip will be called off, I believe, because of that and the fact we’d rather spend the extra time with our families before we leave. After we turned out the light I kept thinking about how much more of a jerk I can be, and I have a hard time imagining how I could be worse. But I’ll keep trying to find what God wants me to be (not a witch!) and I trust that some day I won’t keep making these stupid mistakes.

– KF –

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