It’s hard not to love a Washington school when, at 4:00 AM, they cancel school for snow with not a flake on the ground. “Biggest storm since 1996,” they say; only the Seattle Times loves to squash everybody’s hopes as quickly as possible. Yep, gang, it’s snowed almost an inch here and boy is it blizzarding!

Actually, I’m happy that we’re getting snow and being allowed to freak out about it. Makes me doubly glad not to be in Worcester, though I fear that Ian and I have a hard time not making remarks like, “Oh boy, is it dangrous out there NOW,” when it’s snowed a good soggy inch. I just LOVE being home! …just hope that Jess and I won’t have to slog through too much snow to get back to Worcester.

(As a little side note, it snowed several inches by 1:00 PM, making travel by Prius impossible; most school admins did make the correct choice in the end. After all, Seattle doesn’t have the most efficient snow removal team, not having to deal with it at all often. How pretty the whiteness is!)

– KF –

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