I realize that I’m probably blogging way too much. The thing is, of course, I don’t have a whole lot to do until classes start. I’ve started reading one of my English books, Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, by Stephen Crane (author of Red Badge of Courage, for all you who were forced to read it in high school…). I also found that I have to read House of Mirth again – I think I mentioned this earlier. But for you who haven’t read it, having to read this again makes me about as happy as I’d be having a last-minute appendectomy.

I went to Clark today and bought books. Waiting outside for the shuttle, holding my unopened orange juice, I felt my snot began freezing… as Lesley eloquently described for me today online: “I’d breathe in and feel this tingly prickly feeling. I was like hm…that would be my snot freezing to my nose hair.” And Lesley was indeed right

So this blog is the last on relying on CyberVixen. I would like to offer a kind word for her, but frankly since arriving in Worcester she’s caused me little but trouble. Because of her I’ve developed an involuntary save-reflex, live in terror of losing my work, and can’t play long involved games for the same reason. 40 gigs is fine, I won’t have any more on the new computer; and when she works, she works great! Fast and efficient enough for my purposes. Goodbye, CyberVixen: though you served me poorly I still hold you dear because Ian built you for me. Goodbye, and good riddance!

Later that evening…

Well I started that on my old computer, and now I’m on CyberVixen II. Thank you, parents-in-law, for my little dinky computer! It’s so cute! It’s taking some setup and getting used to, and just as Jess unhooked Ian’s computer I realized that I’d left all my pictures of our trip on Hal9000. Darn! But Dan did a magnificient job and didn’t even have to reinstall Windows on the new computer! When I got back from dinner – voila – there was my normal background and everything doing just perfectly, aside from a few lost settings! Hooray! …Not that I can figure out how to fix the settings, but as Ian said: I can stand a few missed settings. And I got to talk to Ian for an hour (granted, it was late for him – sorry about that, Ian dear) and I felt so sad and so happy at the same time I didn’t know it was possible. This night is just as hard, if not harder, than last night. Honestly: I would give anything at all to have Ian here and be able to crawl into bed with him, sleep in his arms. *Sigh* This WILL be a long 8 weeks. But at least I am married to Ian, and that’s the very best thing that I’ve ever been able to do. Though we’re not together, I’m still completely happy to be Kathleen Moira Ferguson.

– KF –


4 days till classes start

50 days to Ian on 3/5/04

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  1. You thought I’d wait when I had such a sweet item as that?? No way! I’ll have to send you a picture of how well it fits on my desk. Truly a desktop model. I love it!

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