Day’s Verse:

“I will sing of the mercies of the LORD forever; with my mouth will I make known Your faithfulness for all generations.”

Ps. 89:1


Today I got a letter from the First Alliance Church that Jessica and I visited last Sunday. I had planned on calling them anyway, because it seemed friendly and welcoming, and I wanted to visit again but found myself car-less after Jess left on Wednesday. The letter was addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Fergason. I opened it and read, “Dear Ben, Marlene and Family, It was nice to have met you…” Ben and Marlene?! I swear I wrote clearly on their card “Katie Ferguson” and as spouse, “Ian Ferguson.” I called, then, amused; when the pastor answered I introduced myself as “Kathleen – Katie – Ferguson. I visited last Sunday…” When he said my name at one point, however, he called me Kathy (a reasonable nickname for Kathleen but one I can’t say I like much). I wonder what he’ll address me as when he calls back about my request for a ride?

Boring day. Lots of work. Whoever said an English major was easy never tried to juggle reading five desperately-crucial-to-finish-now books. Next time you see an English prof or teacher, try and give them a little slack. Maybe it’s not math intensive, but I am gaining an appreciation for the difficulty of reading and analyzing large stacks of books.

Wow. I just calculated that, living in this apartment alone and with the rent increasing by $50 next year and the year after, we would pay $25,800 total in rent. Goodness, do we need a roommate! Then, making some sweeping assumptions, I calculated we would need about $180,000 for tuition and rent combined through 2006. Anybody out there want to live with us? We’re nice and quiet, neat, and you would have a separate bathroom for 1/3 of our rent… Well, who knows, Eric hasn’t decided if he’s staying or not. Again, as I said, major assumptions. Still. Wow.

– KF –


42 days to Ian

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  1. Update: the pastor called me back at 7.30 tonight and asked for “Kathy.” I just said, “Yes,” because of other issues going on. How to resolve this misconception that I am either Kathy or Marlene??

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