Day’s Verse:

“It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.”

Galations 2:20


“I consider George Bush to be only one step removed from an international war criminal and I kind of feel a moral obligation take at least some small steps to try to get rid of him.” – Dad

“George W. Bush is saddling us with a trashed environment and unnecessary debt. It is everybody’s moral obligation to vote [implication being that we need to vote Democrat].” – Mom


“IM is great for conveying information, terrible for conveying emotions.” – Me

– KF –


41 days to my husband.

4 thoughts on “A Political Statement.

  1. PS – Not to attack Bush personally, but isn’t an UNPROVOKED attack on a country, regardless of how bad its leader, worthy of some serious consideration? We all say that Germany invading Poland unprovoked was wrong; indeed, if any country – say India invading Pakistan – just invaded without any serious provocation, wouldn’t we want to seriously ask if there was something not right there? The US has, in the past, supported Iraq, but now it’s handy for us to attack them instead – and when you talk about the genocide that Saddam did… that is over. The people are dead now. That shows he’s a scummy guy, but isn’t it a little late to take him and his country to task for that? We aren’t preventing anything. There never were any WMD’s. The majority of Iraqis *liked* Saddam. So what are we doing there?

  2. More people have been killed after this senseless war than before – civilians. When you try to justify invading another country without any sufficient evidence (no, the US didn’t have any proof of WMD’s, and just saying that the UN invesigators were blind isn’t good justification for demanding to see for ourselves, when seeing for ourselves = war), then maybe it is time to ask if that isn’t an international crime.

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