I saw at 58 snow plows on my afternoon commute. Granted, it was extra-long because the shuttle arrived at Clark twenty or so minutes late, and along the way he dropped a girl off at the train station and two girls off at the post office; this took us through some major thoroughfares that need plowing. Of course. There were five snowplows parked under an overpass; seven lined up on the road by Holy Cross; at least ten jamming an intersection (possible several broken down) near Clark; four or so drove by while I waited; numerous ones parked and snow-covered… But most were in operation.

FIFTY-EIGHT SNOW PLOWS. What is wrong with this city?!

This is my mother’s most brilliant Einstein-hiding ever.

– KF –


29 days to my husband.

2 thoughts on “Obscenity

  1. Glad you liked Einstein’s friends. I think we should have forgone the green frosting “ribbons” – they seem to have turned into a chemical experiment on diffusion rates of food coloring in a matrix of sucrose particles… live and learn.
    Forge on, dear KT.

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