I was struck by how beautiful the sky looked as I left the apartment this morning; then I realized it was simply overcast, but bright, ever so bright. Not to hurt your eyes, just to leave you feeling that it was a wonderful day to live. I brought my camera along, but I don’t think it’s Worcester that is changing so I could capture it on “film.” God is opening my eyes, teaching me again to be joyfully alive.

Although I’ll spend most of my Clark day alone, that’s OK. I’m happy to be here, alive, intelligent, and able to learn. And puzzled about where the loads of avian guano on the paths come from since there are never any avians in evidence.

– KF –


22 days to my Ian

2 thoughts on “Ps. 113:3-4

  1. You found Professor Avian Guano! The image brought back memories of hysterical laughter when we were at Yellowstone, lo, so many years ago… you made my day.

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