More Questions

…but no more answers.

Is it unfair to… discriminate against us because we are married?

Is there a theme song sadder than the one from Schindler’s List? Does that one’s sorrow come from the pathos of the movie?

What’s one piece of dating advice you’d give to somebody who’s newly going out?

– KF –


Still 19 days

1,315 Words of Wisdom


Day’s Verse:

“…Men always ought to pray and not lose heart.”

Luke 18:1


First, I’d like to mention that once again I heard something I needed at First Alliance yesterday: not that it was what I wanted to hear, but God doesn’t just whisper sweet nothings to us – thank goodness. The sermon was on Matthew 5:6, hungering and thirsting for righteousness. The pastor emphasized the importance of a healthy appetite, that it indicated life and health. He said that we have to have tasted righteousness to want more of it, because you can’t want something you’ve never had; most of all, though, he emphasized that when you fill up on other foods, you aren’t so hungry any more. Filling up on other things life offers – books, movies, TV, sex, friends, work, family, drinking, the list goes on – all reduce a person’s appetite for righteousness. When you’re hungry, you know food will satisfy it, but if you’ve eaten a bunch of cookies you won’t feel the need for real sustenance. Similarly, filling up on the world’s joys may seem satisfying but in the end they will leave you unfulfilled. This ties back to the non-food fasting: giving up those things that distract bring us closer to God by allowing the hunger He put into all of us to reassert itself. Once the hunger is reasserted then we will listen to the Father’s offer of true satisfaction with a keen ear and hungry heart. (He also mentioned that he loved “Jigglers.” Is this some East Coast thing I don’t know about, or is he referring to the Jell-O jigglers we ate with our fingers as kids?) Continue Reading >>