Day’s Verse:

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33


Can YOU offer the other 5 lines that go with the title? I’ll give you a hint: it came in a large envelope whose contents began “Dear Kathleen: I would like to thank you for your inquiry requesting information on transferring to WPI.” I’ll be honest; I didn’t request any information. But I take this as an affirmation that they got my application and it’s complete. I went and talked with Prof. Trimbur, the head guy for the TC major. He’s nice, but quite nerdy-looking. Thick-rimmed glasses, only the rims are clear: disconcerting. Anyway, we looked at my transcript, counted classes, and found that if I didn’t do a Sufficiency I would have 25 classes to take and 24 spots to take them in. Which is fine, since I’d planned on doing an E-term some time here if I did transfer schools… Apparently I’ve taken 6 humanities, and as a transfer student I can count those as a Suff – but only get a B on it. Should I do the Suff and take a mediocre grade, or write something over an E-term to try for an A? I feel confident I could get an A on it, since writing is generally a forte of mine, and if I did an E-term it would simply fill one of the spaces. This thing might just work…

I also went to talk to the Dean’s Office and set up an appointment to begin the transfer process from the Clark end, trusting that I will get into WPI. I feel confident that I will. Then I went to get the Cashier’s Office to write me a check for the $631 Eric paid me for rent (I want to deposit it in our WaMu account but can’t send that wad of cash through the mail). Sadly they refused to do that, so now I’m rather at loose ends. I hate having so much cash around. It’s awkward, and we aren’t getting interest on it either. Bother not having a Mass bank account!

Big day! I signed our lease on this apartment again. He said he’d look into getting some insulation or at least a thicker door between us and the furnace room, which would be nice. Also he said the no-pets rule didn’t really apply to fish, so now Ian and I have high hopes for a tank of Neon Tetras. I wonder if there are any tricks about them? Also, if you have any improvement ideas for the apartment that aren’t permanent, let me know. I’d like to try and get it feeling a little less…well, shabby. We’ll have to return to have Ian and Luke get in on the lease-signing party. That is, if Luke decides to be in on this party anyway. Oddly enough, as I caught the shuttle home who should get on at the Common Outlets but Lucas himself?! He had gone to buy the expansion pack for Civ, and fortuitiously enough he caught that shuttle back. Additionally, as he and I talked a girl I’ve wanted to get to know on the shuttle – I saw her reading what looked like a Bible, maybe – got interested and started talking to us as well. Her name is Jessie, apparently, and I get the feeling she’s nice even though she looks a bit stern most of the time. I also get the feeling that since we see each other on the shuttle at least twice a week we may well have some interesting conversations.

An amusing thing happened today on the shuttle as well, barring the meeting Luke randomly. When I got on, instead of 90.5 FM, the driver was playing a book on tape. Good enough, I’m happy to listen to a story. Right off the bat the writing style struck me as simultaneously terrible and exceedingly familiar. Then I caught the words “Admiral Sandecker,” and “NUMA.” Oh, I could barely contain my hilarity! Bob the bus driver was listening to a Clive Cussler novel! Honestly, I thought I was going to burst from compressed laugher: and the worst of it is that you have to be my family to understand. Clive Cussler is popular, but he is a TERRIBLE writer. We have read his books solely to underline the terrible metaphors. I wish I could remember some of them now: “dark side of the moon,” “trapped like a duck in a closet,” things like this. Colleen would know more. But how can you take a book seriously when its hero is named Dirk Pitt? (The novel we listened to featured Kurt Austin, a Pitt clone) I wish I could go into why he’s so awful, but I could write for pages about it. Suffice it to say, if my day hadn’t already been made by me bringing MBWII stuff to my MAWII class, hearing Clive Cussler’s book aloud on the shuttle really would have done it.

Now I’m going to breathe and rest from all these adventures, maybe stolidly do some homework. Yay. Oh yeah, and I got my first perfect score on one of our response papers! She even posted part of it on BlackBoard where she puts “excellent” pieces of writing. Hooray!

[Added 10:31 PM]

…but really, all that could be summed up in one word: Sigh. God is Good, but I am impatient. Pray.

– KF –


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3 thoughts on “E to the X, D-Y, D-X…

  1. Well I didn’t realize it was a problem, is this the first time the Cashier’s office has refused to cut you a check? Just give me the money and I’ll go take it to the bank and get a money order made out to you if that’ll work.

  2. Take it to the county clerk’s office and make it all legal. Deposit system.

    Oh, its the WPI fighting song! I know the rest:

    Hail, hail WPI
    Land of fruit and grape
    Land where you’ll regret
    If you try to escape
    No matter if you tunnel under or take a running jump at the wall
    Forget it, the guards will kill you, if the electrified fence doesn’t first.

    Hahaha! I know a little German, he’s sitting right over there!

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