Day’s Verse:

“My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”

James 1:2-4


Think for a moment about the power our professors hold over us. They dictate what we learn, choosing material they feel is important. One of my Intro to Bio profs focused nearly his entire quarter on fungus, throwing in token data on other plants as well. He did this because fungus was his area of expertise, that which he found fascinating: possibly even because somebody in his past focused on fungus, suggesting that subject’s relative importance is high. My Sociology professor continually warns us to keep a close watch on the biases of the texts we read, but how can we overcome the biases that compelled her to assign those texts in the first place? She’s Jewish and focuses heavily on Judaism, constantly using examples from Jewish history and culture in class. Yet this is Intro to Sociology, not Jewish Women’s Studies, and she treats the class accordingly… But how accordingly? I know nothing about Sociology, and her job is to teach our class the very basics thereof, but how do these biases skew our class? We learn what professors teach us, and even in introductory classes they teach us that which they’re interested in at least to some extent. Think for a moment on the fact that if all our professors agreed to teach us that the Holocaust had never happened (incidentally, fear the ADL)- if ALL of them did – how would we know differently? We believe our professors because their job is to teach us facts. I believe they do, and if they don’t it certainly isn’t purposely, but it is a sobering realization when you think that our educations so completely rely on the words of our professors. For Christian teachers and professors – as if any educator needs motivation not to lie to their students! – the Bible offers a clear statement regarding the dangers of misleading students in Luke 17:2.

On a completely different note, the computer next to me has a sign on it saying that it is “currently being serviced.” Honestly, could they have used more suggestive phrasing? I don’t think so. In other life news, I was expecting a package today from Mom: and I got a package, but from my MiL instead (I confess, I hoped for cookies, but was even more pleasantly surprised with the box’s contents). They were very kind and filled my long-held desire to own a fuzzy sheepskin thingy. Thank you, Deborah & Gary! I will sleep with it every night, I assure you. It was very exciting to get a package, and it’s doubly exciting to realize that I still have another one coming! Today’s been odd, because although I’ve felt a little strange – dizzy, nauteous, tired, ears clogged – I’ve been incredibly joyful. Maybe that’s because it’s Friday, but I think it’s not just a temporary thing. Joy is a gift from God to us: and now, after all this time, I’m able to accept not just the happiness of the world but the joy of my Savior. I’ve been smiling all day, talking to random people because they think I’m smiling at them, and generally been exceedingly, almost disgustingly, perky. Perhaps reading a few chapters of House of Mirth in conjunction with Byron’s “Manfred” will help calm me down…

But I don’t think so. I’m practically jumping up and down with glee and I don’t know why!

– KF –


2 weeks, 1 day to my husband.

2 thoughts on “Enfolding sunny spots of greenery

  1. yay for random happiness!!

    I’ve had my ups and downs today but I’ve been thinking of you and hoping you’re feeling better.

  2. Glad you liked the sheepskin thingy! That picture of Ian you posted sure shows him with his “angry eyes.” (Think Toy Story II)

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