Should Computers Be Homemade or Manufactured?

This is a rant, no question. Just to warn you… Mom & Dad, forgive me.

The debate is on prebuilt/factory built computers versus homemade computers. When I graduated from high school, my parents granted me $800 and suggested I buy a factory-built computer. Being freshly and madly in love with a guy who had a reasonable amount of experience in the field of computer-building, I refused this option, choosing instead to bestow the honor of computer-building on my dear Ian. My parents decided that in light of my irrational and passionate insistence on an Ian-made computer, and in the interests of family-preservation, they wouldn’t push my buying a prebuilt computer. Ian built CyberVixen, and she began crashing consistently once I brought her to Clark. Before that, she worked fine. However, this eventually necessitated replacing her, which we did through the generosity of Ian’s parents, who bought me a ShuttleX PC. The Shuttle is a great computer, and I haven’t had any trouble with it since Dan kindly put the CPU and video cards in. Continue Reading >>

3.4 in 45


Day’s Verse:

“Those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”

Isaiah 40:31


Today I had a sobering experience. The people who usually bring me home from church couldn’t (although they roped me into spending next Sunday afternoon with them), so I decided to walk home instead. It felt about 40 outside, not too chilly, bright sunshine (give or take). Fairly good walking conditions, and though walking along Main Street and Park Ave in doesn’t provide the most pleasant scenery, I resolved to undertake this adventure. I had no idea how far it was; in a car, distances change. I guessed somewhere between three and five miles, which is eminently doable even for somebody as out of shape as I. Walk, walk, walk. After fifteen minutes I realized I was near Clark, and guessed I’d walked a mile. Another fifteen minutes later, there was Walgreen’s, my official halfway point between Clark and WPI. Forty-five minutes after I left First Alliance, I straggled into our garage, thoroughly sick of my warm down coat and polarfleece scarf. Total, I figured it for about three miles since I’d walked what I knew to be one mile in 15 minutes. Checked online: surprise, surprise – 3.4 miles from 18 Trowbride Rd to 1411 Main St. All I have to say is Thanks, Sloan. I still pace myself ridiculously accurately, and it’s all XC’s fault… And, frankly, I feel pretty lame for having taken so long to walk a measly three-ish miles. Makes me realize how out of shape I still am. *Sigh* But at least I can do 32 girl push-ups, where a month ago I could do about 3. Anybody want to go on brisk walks with me? Continue Reading >>