Today we had a little rainshower. In the apartment, that is. As I walked by Eric’s room I heard a steady dripping noise, and, alarmed, glanced inside only to find an expanding puddle around the door to his bathroom. Surprised, I gingerly stepped across to turn his light on, only to find that water was running down the wall, dripping through the drop-ceiling, and plopping into his bathroom and bedroom. Unsure of the situation, and concerned that the dripping would reach his computer, I rushed to turn his computer off. The puddle’s size surprised me, as was the sight of water coming consistently through our cheap ceiling tiles. Drip. Drip. Drip. Long story short, the puddle was caused by a bathtub overflow upstairs, and after a time – witht the aid of several towels – everything began to dry out.

I Love Basements!

– KF –



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