drinking. Thankfully most people I hang out with don’t drink, at least not much, but Ian’s group members have reminded me how little I think of people who drink heavily. Apparently after they finished their presentation successfully the two other men went out and got exceedingly drunk. Not just comfortably buzzed to celebrate, not even fairly drunk, but so drunk they came back to violently throw up, then sleep.

Let me ask: Who in their right minds would do something like that for fun? I cannot begin express my extreme disgust and revulsion at such an action, and at such people as would do that. Drinking responsibly is one thing; a glass of wine with dinner actually is said to improve your health. Getting unspeakably smashed to celebrate – I cannot for the life of me understand it. Not even a little bit. So you basically let yourself go insane, release all holds, behave completely idiotically by poisoning your body, and then live with the consequences (namely throwing up followed by a huge hangover). It pisses me off to hear about this kind of irresponsibility. Maybe I’m intolerant about this, but I just have to say: I have NO respect for people who drink heavily. None. They are fools, idiots, despicable scum who deserve all the pain they get after drinking so much. It’s stupid to behave so irresponsibly, especially in another country where you’re representing the United States, and I don’t care if it’s common practice to drink heavily in that country or not. Anybody who feels the need to lose themselves so completely needs to talk to a psychologist, not a bartender.

– KF –

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