This time next Saturday I’ll be hanging out with my awesome, handsome, and exceedingly sexy husband in London! 😀

From Don Friesen, Wussman Walking:

College is a gamble. You don’t now what you want to be.

“You in?”

“I’m in. Got nothing else going. I’ll see your lack of clear-cut goals and raise you the best years of my life, how’s that?”


“You don’t have to quit smoking all at once! Use Zyban! Side effects include itching, swelling, crapping, nausea, dirrhea, constipation, death, coma, seizure, run – run for your life – head for the hills!”

I’ll just take the cancer, man. I don’t smoke, but I’ll start if it’ll keep me off of this crap! “Certain sexual side effects.” You think? Who’s going to have sex with somebody who’s got itching, swelling, crapping, nausea? ‘Oh, I’ve had my eye on you all night!’ “If you’re pregnant or might become pregnant or know someone who might become pregnant, or you have a central nervous system, don’t take Zyban. If two nickels and a dime is less than a quarter, don’t take Zyban. If you’re currently taking Zyban, don’t take Zyban. Look, I’m telling you, I sell this for a living – don’t ever take Zyban! It’s too late for me but not for you, smoke ’em if you got ’em. I see dead people. And even they won’t take Zyban!”

So the moral of the story is, either you go to college or you take Zyban. Or you fly to London for spring break and have an awesome time, like me.

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