Note: Actually written on 30 March, 2004.


Day’s Verse:

Let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

Gal. 6:9


I was going to pretend to justify my presence on a computer by doing some Analytic Reasoning work, but instead I got distracted by the Top 10 Worst Album Covers. If they weren’t bad enough, the commentary nearly had me expelled from the computer lab for laughing immoderately.

On to more serious subjects: Words. So delicate, yet we think so little of how we use them! They fall faster than rain in a hurricane, but what do they all mean? A hundred, a thousand, a million fly through the air, through electrons, and through presses; but what is gained from encountering them? Have I salved my broken heart or staunched the crimson flow? Are religions made of words or ideas or something else? Ideas exist in our minds how – in words? Images? Nothing? Say “I love you, dear friend,” and without the idea the words echo meaninglessly; but would the idea exist without the words? Maybe they must; or did people before language not have those ideas? And of course not only noble sentiments are expressed in words – probably more cruelty and heartbreak has passed between men even than sentiments of goodness and love. If only language could not be used for lies or deceit! If man could not lie… we would live in a different world, but I cannot see harm in that.

Too may people give too much, only to feel cold steel in their back as a reward.

– KF –

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