Day’s Verse:

Love is patient… Love endures all things.

1 Cor 13 (just read the whole thing. It’s good stuff.)


This is an odd feeling: simply kicking around, occasionally in class, for the 55-odd hours dividing me from Ian. Any suggestions for things to do to make time fly? I’ve worked hard to get fairly well ahead; the major work remaining consists of studying for midterms, which I will do when we return. Ah, how good to use “we” again to mean my husband and me!

Not a real intellectual post, but don’t expect anything great between now and Friday at 2:40 when the Woo Limo van comes. I need only think enough to slip through my last two classes and not put my shirts on inside out and backwards. I am alarmed by the vast chunks of time I just spend staring at nothing, or better yet, wandering around picking things up and putting them down elsewhere, then thinking I’ve lost those very items I just moved. So generally I’m not in a frame of mind to write about serious topics, and besides, people don’t seem to respond any differently to my thoughtful posts or my plain daily posts. As a result, I’ll stick with the easy stuff for now.

– KF –


3 days

2 thoughts on “Time Will Never Matter

  1. I’m pretty surprised that people haven’t taken up the “challenge” of your thought-provoking posts. As for things to do to use up time–craft projects, like your magazine cutting and pasting effort on the cardboard boxes, are good if you can get absorbed in them. A major closet clean-out or something similar is good but maybe you don’t have enough stuff. Cleaning out file folders or making a card catalog listing of all your books. . . sleep? Hang in there!

  2. Hmm… You’d HOPE we don’t have enough stuff, but of that I’m not entirely sure. I go to bed as early as I can without waking up ridiculously early (before 7:00, basically :)) Hmm, maybe I’ll make *another* thing out of boxes, since I just got more magazines…

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