The Maggie Turn Bartleby Pudd’nhead Time


Day’s Verse:

Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles.

Ps. 21:23


Being home feels very strange although I only left for a week. I adjusted just enough to London to dodge people on the street the wrong way and to double all prices. We went to Price Chopper this morning quite early – a result of our waking up at 5:30 – and I felt refreshed to look at prices and know their values. Payinig $67 for groceries made me exceedingly happy, for it was actually sixty-seven dollars taken from our account. We also walked to Clark a rather windy way in the hopes of obtaining Ian’s phone sooner than tomorrow, but to no avail. All life at the school consisted of a large troupe of middle-aged, saggy women enjoying a motivational speaker up in Tilton – and telling each other serious secrets in the bathroom, which I so rudely interrupted in search of something to blow my nose on. Sadly I’ve attempted, and mostly failed, to study for my upcoming midterms. I anticipate many wasted hours “studying” in the near future. Continue Reading >>