London pictures! Just off the plane and out of the airport, Brodie the bear wanted fresh air, so we let him stretch his legs in a telephone booth. Then walking around London’s parks we found an effusion of flowers, amazing to me after Worcester’s blank brownness. Green Park’s daffies were nice, as were Regent’s Park’s. Also at Regent’s Park, we saw ducks engaging in some strange behavior. Here’s another picture of Ian in Regent’s Park on the bird’s island. I took lots of pictures at Regent’s Park for some reason; here’s one of some crocuses coming up in the grass. I’ve always been impressionable by waterfalls.

We went up to Primrose Hill, Ian’s favorite park; here I stand with London in the background, proof (besides the significant bite out of our wallet!) that I actually went over there. I took other pictures in London, but they were of our rather terrifying “hotel,” Easton Hotel. Happily we left there and went to Edinburgh by train. We looked at the Edinburgh Castle – here’s the whole thing – and I also admired this cute little house tucked away in a park. Mostly we spent our full day in Edinburgh walking around Arthur’s Seat (that isn’t the top). We struggled up, pausing often so I could take a picture of a dog and his master far across this valley… and so we could breathe. Near the base we saw some ruins, and I wondered how old they were. We did make it to the top; I felt rather triumphant on the top, seeing the whole city spread beneath. On the way down I noticed a “babbling brook,” which then tumbled over a rock picturesquely.

As promised, here’s the Floral Clock that actually was opposite the cute house in the sunken park/walkway. Other random pictures: Us at Wimbledon Common; from Tales from the White Hart – the actual White Hart pub! Finally, I think this was really how I felt by the end of the whole trip: blurry. Overall none of these are real great; I took functionalist not beautiful pictures. I’ll remember the events, if not the small pretty details. Also I didn’t post any pictures of common tourist stuff because Ian did that a long time ago when he went on those comprehensive tours around London, and because Ian has tons and tons of pictures. Too late to change anything now, I guess. Hopefully this wasn’t too disappointing or non-comprehensive; I was focused on enjoying Ian’s company more than acting the tourist and constantly pulling the camera out.

That love is not for me.

– KF –

[Updated 3.25.04 to fix the three pictures. All links work now.]

4 thoughts on “Long Awaited, Much Anticipated…

  1. Cool pics! There were three I think that would not show up–Ian in Regent’s Park, Edinburgh Castle, and blurry. It said it was “forbidden” for me to see them! Anyway, a technical issue, I’m sure.

  2. Oh, darn. Yeah, for some reason WPI’s been difficult about that – Ian had to go through by hand and authorize the pictures to be seen by everybody online. Guess he may’ve just missed a couple, so it should be fixed pretty soon here.

  3. Well, now it all works except Ian in Regent’s Park–only the top strip of that one will load. But don’t worry about it if it’s not priority for you. Just wanted to let you know.

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