1. Place to put money.

2. Edge of a river or stream.

3. Trust or rely on a person or situation.

“Hi, X, it’s Y.”

“Hey, Y, what’s up?”

“Not a lot, yourself?”

“Same, just doing work like usual.”

“Oh that sucks. I was calling because I had to reconsider our getting together for a movie tomorrow night.”

“Oh… so you changed your mind?”

“No, I mean I just had to rethink—”

“I see, so you’re going back on your word now, is that how it is?”

“No, wait a minute—”

“Hey, X, it’s fine, I understand. You aren’t interested. I’ll let you go.”



“…I just wanted to reschedule because my dog died…”

Then again, none of us have ever had the experience where ambiguous words or actions hurt people unintentionally. Never. I was going to write an essay on the “World of Quality,” but this seemed more succinct. Plus, I know nobody reads my silly rants anyway. However, please remember that when you discover the Quality and Great Taste at QFC, you cannot complain if the Quality leaves something to be desired: without any qualifier, Quality is Quality, whether high, medium, low, or roach-level. Advertisers love to imply but not clarify, getting them off the hook and us on if we “misinterpreted” an ad. Incidentally, are the statistics regarding how many advertisements we will be exposed to in our lifetime staggering? (Sadly my faulty memory fails me once again, and I cannot find the exact numbers online. Estimates vary anyway, somewhere between a ridiculous number and three times the US National Debt) I wonder if those count popup ads online and ad banners?

– KF –

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