Day’s Verse:

Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

Mark 9:23


With God all things are possible. Today I even succeeded in spending the whole day entertaining Luke and Vangie without falling apart. I am not cut out to entertain, to be that good wife who prepares meals for business partners to move Ian’s career along. Hopefully I will not need to be that person. We made six dozen chocolate cookies, though I cannot vouch for how many remain now, six hours later. Luke, Vangie, and I ate over a dozen together; probably closer to two dozen, while poor Ian spent four and a half hours slaving away in the Fossil lab. When he came back we had just begun Terminator 2, so I gave him three cookies and sat him down to release some stress by vegging out. It seemed to work pretty well, but then there’s not much some fresh chocolate chip cookies can’t heal.

In wracking my brains for entertainment that wasn’t Risk, I happened upon Rummy Royal. We proceeded to play that for the majority of the time Ian worked, and I fear I got two straight flushes in the poker hand. Generally I won a lot…a lot of pennies. Is there a good way to tell people you’re tired and need to read your MBWII without distraction? “Hey could you go now? I have to work and you’re just not helping” doesn’t seem like the most tactful approach. –at least you have to give me credit for trying.

We all ate leftover lasagna for dinner, and between the four of us managed to reduce it to about three servings remaining. Amazing what feeding two somewhat ravenous guys can do to a large supply of food—decimate it. Last night I talked to Jess on the phone while making the lasagna (she must’ve heard a lot of me mumbling “OK, now two eggs…” and such). It went well, I think; we talked on light topics and that’s how I think we will relate to each other from now on. That’s just fine with me.

The other major thing that happened today: I began participating in the Desk Drawer email group, which is about 10 people who submit written work to each other for criticism. You have to participate at least 4 times per month to remain in the group, either by submitting work for review or by critiquing other peoples’ work. Deborah brought this group to my attention, and I think it could be interesting and educational for me. Also, I may be able to double up “assignments” for Desk Drawer and other classes, namely MAWII, as well as using the “assignments” as possible blog topics. We’ll see how it goes.

How can I feel so tired after staying in the apartment and cooking/“playing” all day? Ian worked twice as hard, maybe more, than I did in the Fossil lab with “team Clotho” yet he’s fairly perky. (Also note that he put those cool symbols in the background of his blog.) Maybe it’s because I wasn’t playing; I had to act hostess and pander to all Vangie’s strange “illnesses”/headaches/who knows. But I do know that I have some serious John Stewart Mill to read. Now.

– KF –

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  1. yeah, there is. “It was great having you guys over, I had a lot of fun, but I’ve got some homework I have to do. We should do this again!”

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