Day’s Verse:

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

John 14:27


Wants to be famous so everybody can appreciate his quotes. As a result, I am implementing an Ian-Quote-A-Day policy in which, quite intuitively, I will include one of Ian’s gems in each post.

Currently I find myself in a strange position regarding schoolwork—namely, I have very little at this instant but know that I have three research papers upcoming in addition to two final exams (hooray! Only two!) and miscellaneous other work. On the bright side, this small schoolwork-load means I spend extra time “cleaning” the apartment and learning such things as how to boil eggs.

Yesterday when Luke was over, he started eating some raisins but they had all stuck together in the box as raisins do. To unstick them he took the little plastic bag out of the box, smooshed it up a bit, and then poured the unstuck raisins out onto his hand, saying, “See? They come out nice and easy,” so without a pause I added, “Just like a good bowel movement.” He ran away and told Ian I was being lewd while I laughed hysterically at the dirty dishes sudsing up in the sink.

Last night Ian and I, for some nighttime variety, switched sides of the bed we slept on, he on the right and me on the left. In the morning we woke up in our normal spots, me on the right and he on left; neither of us has any memory of a nighttime switcheroo. Usually Ian at least remembers my strange noctournal behaviors, yet this one shall remain forever mysterious.

Today I saw a car whose bumper sticker read, “Dissent is patriotic,” and that started me wondering: isn’t that something of a paradox? If you agree, then you’re not dissenting and not being patriotic; if you disagree, according to their definition you’re patriotic but you think you aren’t, since you think dissent isn’t patriotic. Of course, Ian would resolve this by going to the bathroom since according to him, “My solution to everything is: go to the bathroom.”

Also, check out this link I stole from Eric. It strikes me as interesting that an algorithm can fairly accurately predict the gender of a writer.

– KF –

7 thoughts on “Ian

  1. This gender genie this is highly errant. It keeps telling me that my blog entries were written by a male.

  2. Successes:
    My brother’s essay on “the mullet”
    My essay on the Rubaiyat of Omar Khyyam
    My essay on Timothy Leary

    All letters from men
    All letters from women
    A. Levshin’s essay on the Inferno
    The “Pai Mei” scene in Kill Bill (narrow margin)
    My graduation speech
    My potroast poem

    Crashed IE:
    Katie’s “The Four Doors”

    Terrible newz!

  3. I checked it against a bunch of male and female writings, and mostly it said female, whether it was man or woman, and only once did is say male (and that was acutally a male).

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