Day’s Verse:

It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear.

Isaiah 65:24


Title: something I found in my Major British Writers II notes on Walter Pater. Also: “There is no beauty without a degree of strangeness.”

Today a line of cars miraculously appeared at a stop sign, then drove by as I waited for the shuttle home. They followed a gray Cadillac hearse. Did it offer a sense of solidarity to the people, even though each had his or her own car? Each affixed a purple flag with a sideways white cross to their vehicles and each had turned their emergency blinkers on to mark theirs as a unique cavalcade. People seek solidarity. Belonging to a group, even such a mournful group, means having a place that associates with you. In the procession, they were tied together by one thing: loss of a loved one. Each person in each separate vehicle had a connection to all the others that they demonstrated by driving together, slowly, with the flags and blinkers. Ian and I show our connection by wearing identical wedding bands. Wearing a school sweatshirt ties you to the school, and even wearing brand-name clothes offers some amount of “solidarity” with other people wearing the same brands. Marketers heavily exploit the public’s necessity to have a group association by promising that if you buy their product, you’ll receive instant admission to that group.

Why do people need this so painfully? Fear of aloneness bites at hearts.

News: What was lost is found! – Namely the running jacket Dad gave me for Christmas years ago, which vanished yesterday at Clark and turned out to have spent the night in the computer lab. I felt very happy getting it back again. Funny how we form attachments to inanimate objects. Also, I have continued to successfully put of this horrible MBWII paper, but not for much longer; the last day to turn it in has suddenly appeared on my radar. And, finally, hooray! We get home on May 12th. I finally get to see Carmel again! Oh, yes, and my other family too.

– KF –

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