Day’s Verse:

God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

2 Tim. 1:7


News: I still haven’t written the Major British Writers paper; I keep allowing “things” to intervene. Today was my last day of Sociology, rather anticlimactic actually. We turned in our papers after a rather boring discussion on family—all but the part about the stable ménage a trois she knew of, which consisted of “Penelope,” “Oscar,” “Harry,” and the two children “Penelope” had by both men. The whole class grinned as she talked about their relationship, and I felt quite glad that I had Ian.

I went and talked to Prof. Trimbur at WPI about classes I ought to sign up for next year, and a fair amount about MQP work, which I’d have to begin thinking about almost immediately. This transfer makes me feel like my schooling has suddenly fallen drastically behind, especially in terms of WPI-required projects. However, I believe that, especially with an E-term thrown in next summer, I will graduate in two years without any big problems. Also, I learned that WPI has a project center in Silicon Valley and that it might be possible for me to do some project there although because of my late arrival time it’s unlikely I’d have the opportunity to do one abroad. Too bad.

– KF –

2 thoughts on “No New Voice Mail Messages

  1. You know I’m not suggesting you do the South Beach thing. If just talking about it brings up all these feelings, forget I ever mentioned it, OK?

  2. Aww Katie, we’re doing so well! No bad thoughts okay? You’re definitely not fat whatsoever, and more fit than I am that’s for sure!! Food is a good thing. I often feel guilty about eating, example I just ate a Hershey’s kiss and some popcorn, but whatever. Chocolate is yummy, and I didn’t sit and eat two Symphony bars or anything. I’m here for you if you need some support.

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