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Evening and morning and at noon I will pray, and cry aloud, and He shall hear my voice.

Psalm 55:17


Somewhat thought through, and certainly highly amusing, pro-John Kerry site. Novel idea, admitting the candidate does, in fact, have downfalls – because every human being on the face of the earth does – but maybe we should get over that fact and consider the importance of voting homeboy G.W.B. out of office. ASAP.

I don’t claim to be a crazy sign-waving liberal, but come on people: we need a change, possibly something pro-environment (novel!). Ssshhh don’t tell, but I think maybe the government isn’t looking out for everybody’s best interests! And by everybody I mean doing their best to not burn money faster than fossil fuels, which might be quite the trick for this present administration.

A thought: “Successful court jesters recognize that discovery of great ideas comes from looking at the same marbles as everyone else and observing something different.” (Perversion of a quote by Reed Markham, whoever that is)

I reported a while ago on the brouhaha over the lesbian United Methodist minister. Well, she was acquitted by the jury that tried her at home, but apparently the top United Methodist court has decided that homosexuality is incompatible with Christianity. These things never seem to end.

In searching the Northwest Classifieds for potential jobs (not much success), I continually encounter a mysterious company that calls itself “The Triad Group.” They desire Validation Engineers. Does this sound to anybody else like a secret Asian Mob? I could just see the candidate being ushered to an interview in a smoky, darkly-lit back room populated by shady men with hats pulled down over their eyes and cigars dangling from their lips. “Yeah, whaddya want?” “I’d just like an internship…” They’d look at Ian and notice that he’s white, male, not disabled and not a veteran. “You ain’t affirmative action.” Ian: “I am the anti-affirmative action candidate!”

Soon I will update regarding the emotional roller-coaster I am enjoying that is also known as Finding an IQP.

– KF –

6 thoughts on “Why, I Never Thought Of That!

  1. Look you crazy sign-waving liberal, the government can’t look out for everybody’s best interests because such a thing is impossible.

  2. So we have to look out for our own, cause nobody else will. In doing that, we must align ourselves with those who best represent what we ourselves want done. Representation is all about that; a relation to at least the majority, not the 1% of the population who like to eat money and ruin people’s lives for financial gains.

    Did I forget to mention I’m like a Harlem black man circa 1960? The kind that doesn’t want to be hypocritical and self-serving like today’s liberal, but just wants to at least not feel cognitive dissonance by believing something silly like he’s got a say in what matters in his life, and in the future?

    I can’t wait to finish 6 years of school and then be unemployed.

  3. Okay, the short answer is not everybody cares about the environment, because some people honestly believe that ecological disasters within the next 100 years are a myth, much to the tune of the people who think the Holocaust never happened or that Saddam was directly responsible for 911.

    /tree-hugging ideologue, save your breaths, I confessed.

  4. Ok, I feel the need to chime in here as well. I think that a lot of the “problems” with GWB aren’t really his problem. Lets look back at the past regime. Clinton cut the spending on a lot of things military, like intelligence. So when someone tells GWB there are bombs there he goes on that, becuase the information is supposed to be correct. But because of a lack of funding from the previous person, we aren’t getting the information we need.

    And why vote for John Kerry? The only reason people want to vote for JK is that he’s not Bush. Kerry sands for nothing and is so liberal it’ll make your teeth hurt. In fact Kerry is almost a minority he’s so left.


  5. Lack of money equals false information? If I claim to have evidence of something, but then somebody gives me more funding, the evidence disappears somehow? The “It was Clinton’s fault” argument is for the 911 commision hearings, not the WMD controversy. “Nobody died when Clinton lied”

    They could’ve done better than Kerry. That’s what the website is saying. He is muchly a douchebag. But he’s our douchebag. That he doesn’t have Karl Rove or John Ashcroft associated with him makes me feel a little better.

    /quickly becoming a Fark message board or the media = what happened to the issues?

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