Day’s Verse:

Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Luke 12:32


Today’s picture: Ivy Window.

I noticed, to my amazement, that when I pony-tail my hair it reaches far enough to tickle my neck and mostly stay held back. Also to my amazement and dismay, talking with the professor for the alternate energy source IQP turned out rather disastrously. He said I needed calculus, statistics, and a basic knowledge of C programming, none of which I have. He also came across as if he were doing me this huge favor by so graciously allowing me to join the project when he would have to “prevail upon the other three;” and especially since he “would not be completely against allowing me to join.” I couldn’t tell if letting me in was better or worse than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. I wanted to poke HIM with a sharp stick, lame MA prof. However, in a quick scramble I emailed Lesley’s IQP advisor and, with Lesley’s permission, may well be admitted into that one. Too bad I could hardly care less about Hollywood scripts and what makes them sell.

Another day of studying. That, I fear, is what reading days are for; but on the bright side, Ian and I are joining some friends of his to see Van Helsing, which looks absolutely terrible but has the benefit of not being Major British/American Writers. Looks like a fun action/brain-candy movie (“It’s like celebrating James Joyce with a monster-truck rally.”). I’ll get back to you on its quality. I am looking forward to seeing Day After Tomorrow, which also looks bad but appears to have wonderful shots of disaster in New York City.

– KF –

2 thoughts on “Two in the Campagna With Lots of Vampires

  1. Aww Katie, if you’re not interested in the IQP material you probably wouldn’t want to spend 2 whole terms researching it. There are tons of them on the website ranging in any term span. I just want to make sure that you do a project you enjoy!

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