Day’s Verse:

We walk by faith, not by sight.

2 Cor. 5:7


The problem is that we think too much and obey too little. My Grandpa Koskovich can make his way around LA by himself despite the fact he lost his sight 30 years ago; he recognizes smells and sounds, but sometimes he trips over kerbs. Walking arm-in-arm with my mother, he knows that she will guide him safely. With me, he trusts less because I walk him into poles on accident sometimes. I wonder if we are spiritually that way: without Christ as our guide, we make our ways the best we can, by smell and touch and intuition, but sometimes a kerb will jump out to take us to our knees. The best cane in the world cannot replace a sighted guide like my mother who verbally and physically picks the clearest path. A human mentor plays my role by trying hard and usually steering right but sometimes failing because in the end that mentor is human too. The difficulty comes when we have not a solid, in-the-flesh guide through life but must take His existence on faith. People want tangibility, to sense the existence of God; many non-believers point to a lack of quantifiable evidence proving God’s reality. The point is, though, that even without solid proof (though many of us believe that seeing His creation is evidence enough) God does exist and is willing to guide us along His path. Just like Mom walking Grandpa Koskovich down to Safeway safely, so God wants to lead us by faith to His house. And unlike Safeway, you don’t have to pay for doughnuts in God’s house.

Other Stuff: Lately I have spent time doing nothing aside from going on long walks and spending time with my families. My little OnlyWriting, though it has about 10 members, languishes in silence. Small chores demand attention sometimes, so I do those. We paid our bills for the Worcester apartment, vacuumed our room, spent a carbohydrate-full evening with my family. Tortellini with fettuchine sauce and algae-covered lettuce that we ate only out of devotion to mom – who did not eat hers. Ian collected four computers’ worth of parts from Ben, bemoaning the fact that one motherboard Ben gave him as an old one is the same type Ian himself still uses in Worcester. My poor, computer-starved husband now has a vanful of old computer junk and two laptops to play with while I spend my time volunteering at the Bellevue Teen Services. We went through wedding photos, my heart aching as I looked at my friends. I thought I would spend years sharing their joys and pains, but it seems God has ordained differently. That does not negate the pain I felt, though, having invested so much and seeing my memories replayed in those photos.

Look into the picture…forever…

– KF –

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