I Ask You

Did blogging catch on so well because people like thinking in short paragraphs? Because people like to fit the world into clever or valuable links summarized in a few words? Because people feel they are heard by putting their briefly-outlined lives on the internet?

– KF –

Fresher than a Just-Picked Strawberry


Day’s Verse:

A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of the heart is the spirit broken.

Prov. 15:13


A blog worth reading – Mrs. Sundberg.

It’s funny, you know, that for years I yearned for summer. Now it’s a time of dry heat — try 100 degrees in the sun, if the Fergusons’ thermometer is to be believed — and long days. A certain type of calmness settles over everything, a feeling that though things ought to be done, they don’t need doing now. Maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll dig up the grassy ground cover like Deborah asked us to; tomorrow I’ll vacuum like Jane asked me to; tomorrow I’ll email the guy at WPI and ask some questions about transferring. Sometimes I wish I’d had the sense to go to a Washington state school or, once I left Clark, transfer to one. Why leave Washington at all? It’s a state of such beauty in the summer and calmness in the winter; at least there’s no snow. I doubt I’ll ever have a hankering for snow once we come back from Worcester for good. God’s good guidance follows us everywhere, however, and I do believe that now I’m in Worcester He has a plan for me there. Continue Reading >>