Day’s Verse:

A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of the heart is the spirit broken.

Prov. 15:13


A blog worth reading – Mrs. Sundberg.

It’s funny, you know, that for years I yearned for summer. Now it’s a time of dry heat — try 100 degrees in the sun, if the Fergusons’ thermometer is to be believed — and long days. A certain type of calmness settles over everything, a feeling that though things ought to be done, they don’t need doing now. Maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll dig up the grassy ground cover like Deborah asked us to; tomorrow I’ll vacuum like Jane asked me to; tomorrow I’ll email the guy at WPI and ask some questions about transferring. Sometimes I wish I’d had the sense to go to a Washington state school or, once I left Clark, transfer to one. Why leave Washington at all? It’s a state of such beauty in the summer and calmness in the winter; at least there’s no snow. I doubt I’ll ever have a hankering for snow once we come back from Worcester for good. God’s good guidance follows us everywhere, however, and I do believe that now I’m in Worcester He has a plan for me there.

Here are some questions, though. Did God predestine me to meet Ian and be swayed by my relationship with him to choose a school out of state? Did I have any choice in the matter, or was my move to Worcester inevitable? If He knows the future, and has planned everything out for us, are we then just deluding ourselves about having free will? –that our choices may seem free but in reality we couldn’t have made a different one? Or if we are able to make choices, how does He know all things, past, present and future? The Bible say, to paraphrase, God doesn’t want us to be little automatons who can’t do anything but what He says; He wants people to choose His way freely. How does that fit with predestination? On a different line of thinking, does it not seem cynical for Christians to believe that all people are inherently evil? I realize that man perverted himself by disobeying God’s commands; that only through Christ are we redeemed, born again… Yet to say that all people are evil without this – what of all the goodhearted, well-meaning, sincerely kind people in the world that don’t believe?

– KF –

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