Did blogging catch on so well because people like thinking in short paragraphs? Because people like to fit the world into clever or valuable links summarized in a few words? Because people feel they are heard by putting their briefly-outlined lives on the internet?

– KF –

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  1. Sorry, Katie, this has nothing to do with blogging. I just saw your blog about the bug. Is it still acting odd? If you’re giving it leaves and giving it a squirt of water everyday, I don’t know what would be wrong. Maybe it needs a bigger cage which we’ll have to deal with later I guess.

  2. The bug is acting…buggy, I guess. He’s started hanging from the ceiling of his cage again, so I guess he’s OK. I have been doing a fresh leaf & water squirt daily, so it can’t be that…

  3. Saying it for years (four this December): Blogging is all about exhibitionism. It has nothing to do with thought-shortening and ease of use. Do you think somebody would feel the same about keeping a diary on paper, a diary on a notepad file on their computer, or a diary on the Internet? “Look at me, I exist, I do things, I rule!” Nobody sees that in a book but yourself. Self-acknoledgement plus self-promotion. The poisons of voyeurs like me. Yes, I said it.

    Now imagine if Anne Frank had a weblog instead of Kitty. I think we’d hear a lot more about her sexcapades over everything else. But would it still be a “diary”? What if Henry David Thoreau wrote Walden as a weblog? Is that better style for such a work (modern audience aside)? Discuss amongst yourselves.

    “I exist!…screamed the speck of dust.”
    Calvin, Calvin & Hobbes

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