Somewhere Between Dead and Zombie

Now I remember why I should appreciate summers in which I can read books: because that means I have time to read. I have not even had time to go for walks lately, what with starting summer school and my job at NWABR on Monday. On the run from 7:30 to 6:00 – how do people work 40 hour weeks?! We start housesitting for Jan Garner (officially tonight, though we are sleeping at the Ferguson residence tonight) tomorrow, so computer time will be limited. She owns a 9-year-old Mac. See also: Hard Drive, an indescribable book written in 1993 about a Mac computer virus. Read only as historical fiction and expect nothing. (I have so little time this 288-page book took me three days to read. I now realize its style is terrible because the author knew everything about Macs ten years ago and nothing about what a reader wants…like a compelling storyline.) Continue Reading >>