Negotiating the Phone-Company Maze


Day’s Verse:

A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.

Prov. 15:13


Cheerful countenance – well, that comes easier on Fridays than it does most other days of the week! However, my countenance is mixed, for these reasons:


– The cat has been interred in a kitty-hospital as I asked originally, and is no longer our responsibility. This makes for a very cheerful countenance indeed.

– One week remains of summer school: after that, no more dumb math questions (asked to me; I cannot vouch for my propensity to ask dumb math questions myself).

– We got paid and deposited money into our WaMu account for the first time all summer – a very good feeling.

– We will soon have the Verizon phone number 508-791-6878, although that will reach neither me nor Ian. Hopefully concurrently we will receive Verizon DSL as well; all the bills and packages will go to our apartment address, which is a major faux pas I cannot fix until their offices open tomorrow.

– We finally paid off Ian’s hospital bills! $20 for an ER visit…well, it could be worse. Continue Reading >>