Day’s Verse:

A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.

Prov. 15:13


Cheerful countenance – well, that comes easier on Fridays than it does most other days of the week! However, my countenance is mixed, for these reasons:


– The cat has been interred in a kitty-hospital as I asked originally, and is no longer our responsibility. This makes for a very cheerful countenance indeed.

– One week remains of summer school: after that, no more dumb math questions (asked to me; I cannot vouch for my propensity to ask dumb math questions myself).

– We got paid and deposited money into our WaMu account for the first time all summer – a very good feeling.

– We will soon have the Verizon phone number 508-791-6878, although that will reach neither me nor Ian. Hopefully concurrently we will receive Verizon DSL as well; all the bills and packages will go to our apartment address, which is a major faux pas I cannot fix until their offices open tomorrow.

– We finally paid off Ian’s hospital bills! $20 for an ER visit…well, it could be worse.


– We still have responsibility for the dog, which means more walks with her dragging the leash, then finding a smell so compelling she refuses to move.

– One week remains of summer school, which is another week of dumb math questions, correcting tests, and tolerating kids complaining that they can’t focus anymore because their head hurts from thinking for the last hour.

– Jan returns tomorrow, so Ian and I have to move out of her place and clean it up nicely as well. I will miss living so close to BCS and downtown Bellevue.

– I just spend an eternity navigating both Verizon’s online and phone systems, just trying to find out if phone service was required to have DSL. Answer: yes, and the cheapest you can get is $18 a month. Question: should we have Luke pay that cost entirely himself, if he’s the only one to use it? I just signed up without talking to him about it.

– We have not received bills for our gas or electricity since May, though we requested forwarding service from WPI; thus, everything remains unpaid and will be a headache when we get back on the 16th.

Things lost recently: our August rent check; my fountain pen; my patience; Ian’s watch; Jan’s spare housekey; our minds. We have recovered only a smattering of these.

My goodness, what a lot of gritty details. Why did I even just write all this for the internet? How wonderfully mundane and pointless.

– KF –

One thought on “Negotiating the Phone-Company Maze

  1. Simple. You wrote them because your blog is more than just a public place to publish your thoughts, it’s your journal that, for some reason, you have granted everyone the right to read. You were feeling those things, so they got typed. Plain and simple.

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