Day’s Verse:

…on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.

Genesis 7:11b


Well, baseball fans, I know the humid weather’s been getting us all down—but not too low, because the carpets’ clamminess revolts everybody as much as a little bodily stickiness! Nobody likes to sit on plastic stadium chairs that adhere to their sweaty skin so that, when you stand up, you leave a layer of epidermis behind as a souvenir to the chair. What’s the solution? Well, my compatriot and I have been praying heartily for RAIN! Yes, 100% humidity, that’s the key—because, while rain is wetter than mugginess, it a) doesn’t cause your sweat to fail to evaporate; and b) it doesn’t permeate your house, soaking your floors and leaving your sheets feeling like yesterday’s socks.

…Unless you live here in Apartment B! Here, we accept all the moistness of a 90%-humidity day and the wetness of a 100%-humidity day with equanimity. After all, what’s a lake developing right at your front door but the opportunity to have your own private little waterfall? Leaving the windows open simply means getting an outdoor experience inside when raindrops bounce on your window-sill and land on your head, keyboard, or mouse. For the true Outdoor Living Experience, don’t go Craftsman style — go Basement style!

– KF –

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