Day’s Verse:

Women must likewise be dignified, not malicious gossips, but temperate, faithful in all things.

1 Timothy 3:11


Today’s verse is something to work towards. We gossip way too much without even thinking of it as gossip—it’s “caching up on the news,” or “an update.” As if we need an update. Speaking of updates, Writing about Disease and Public Health met today and the kid Rocky made a fool of himself again. I’m starting to feel bad for him because everybody in the class gives him these looks as he continues to dominate the class and make a complete fool of himself. Is there a tactful way to suggest he keep his highly offensive opinions to himself? And maybe just stay silent unless he actually has something useful to contribute?

Today I am not only dignified, temperate, and faithful in all things but I have put together shelves and even improvised a fix! The shelves we bought are highly rickety—you get what you pay for when it’s less than $50 for 6’-tall shelves—but one of our other particleboard pieces of furniture has 90-degree-angle connector thingies. So using some very sharp screws, a Leatherman, and the angles, I reinforced our shelves to some extent. I felt very capable when I finished. Also thanks to Lesley, who donated her time and car’s back seat to transporting the long, heavy shelves from Home Depot to our apartment.

Count of Particle-Board Furniture:

1 Set of Shelves in Kitchen

2 Bedside Tables (unsure)

2 Computer Desks

1 Shelving Unit

1 TV Stand

My Leatherman has turned out to be quite the excellent investment when it comes to particle-board “furniture.” Besides boring holes for the screws, I used it to hack a hole in the back of our TV stand for all the power cords to come out. Its saw blade cut through the condensed sawdust like butter, and this made me very very happy. I like using sharp objects.

Interesting factoid: the volume of our new cups and bowls are exactly the same. They both hold two cups of water at the brim. This means we now have eight cups or eight bowls in a pinch.

– KF –

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