Day’s Verse:

The sins of some men are quite evident, going before them to judgment; for others, their sins follow after. Likewise also, deeds that are good are quite evident, and those which are otherwise cannot be concealed.

1 Tim. 5:24 – 25


On my free day today the morning began and I asked myself: what to do with this new day? Get up, sleep in, work hard, laze around? The potentialities of each day, free or committed, offer vast scope for action. Consistency, however, often runs counter to this vast scope and moves; I, at least, find myself relishing my morning routine and sticking to it with little variation daily. The value of waking up before many of my peers, leisurely doing my Bible study and making my breakfast, as well as the advantage of several hours before class in which to do last-minute homework or work ahead. Yet the possibilities of my long morning by and large remain unexplored as I give consistency precedence over excitement.

The major excitement is I safely received my collages, mostly un-mashed barring what looks like a disastrous run-in with a conveyor belt in one corner, and will put those up for some interest in the living room. Which has taken on much more character as a living room and much less the feel of a…bordello? Perhaps, yes, if the women of ill-repute were video games, and the TV, PS2, and controllers the woman’s paraphernalia. Now we hang framed pictures on the clean walls, welcome sunlight in, “spider-vacuum” frequently, ban shoes indoors, and reject flea-infested free couches. Welcome to the new Basement Apartment, where we keep the table clean enough to eat off of and don’t let people leave cups, empty pop cans, and half-eaten food lie around.


What is that liquid you have to pour out of a yogurt container every time you use it?

Why is it so exciting to get mail, email, or packages? (Note: if you send me mail, WPI requires that you use my full name, Kathleen Ferguson. Otherwise they are prone to return it to sender.)

How many blogs are there in the internet world?

– KF –

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