Day’s Verse:

Be glad in that day and leap for joy, for behold, your reward is great in heaven.

Luke 6:23a


Congratulations to Lesley and me on finishing the first draft of our IQP! We successfully printed the 99 pages (minus seven, as we ran out of paper at the end) that make up our explanation of the market for Hollywood scripts adapted from books. Thankfully now that frees us up to… do more work! Yes, more work, for classes continue and indeed the IQP will continue as well. I am starting to understand why Ian didn’t post much during his project—while I’m typing this, I’m neglecting something else. Gah.

The feeling of relief at having a rough-rough-draft printed is completely negated by the fact that I have a math quiz I have not studied for, a Writing assignment to start and finish, and more math to catch on. And dinner to make. Does anybody know of some tasty cheap, fairly quick recipes? We keep falling back on pasta or soup…

– KF –

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