Day’s Verse:

Woe to you who are well-fed now, for you shall be hungry. Woe to you who laugh now, for you shall mourn and weep.

Luke 6:25


I am baking a coffee cake to bring to church for the Fellowship meeting afterwards. I feel rather apprehensive about this, as a) the coffee cake is rather small; and b) I don’t really know the procedure for bringing food and such to church. What if nobody likes it? What if it isn’t any good after four hours out of the oven? What if I’m a total failure? Then again, I can never fail with the Toothpick Bird (pictured) to help me bake!

Yesterday Lesley and I went to Michael’s to get ribbon for the curtains. The ribbon cost $0.45, but somehow I ended up with $10 worth of candles and candle holders. However much these small things cost, they are worth it; the apartment has changed in character drastically thanks to many small things – and some big ones – and it has all been worth it. We still need a recliner or two, though. But while I came out with a couple of nice candles and plates, Lesley left that shopping trip with significantly more. Across the street from Michael’s is a Petco. Lately in my less rational moments I have dreamed of getting a small pet to liven up the apartment, so we decided to stop at Petco and look at the hamsters. After looking at hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, gerbils, ferrets, fish (a small child kept shouting that he wanted to “see Nemo,” as Petco has somehow begun carrying clownfish after Finding Nemo’s popularity), we somehow left with $50 worth of paraphernelia and $5 worth of male mouse for Lesley’s room. Petco obviously does not make its money on the animals it sells.

A complete impulse-buy, Lesley simply fell in love with him and bought him – and all the stuff for him. Oh, yes, he is very cute: small and brown with a twitchy little nose, clever fingers, big ears and shiny little black eyes. But as nobody in the store told us, male mice mark their territory with an incredibly powerful musk smell that they urinate out. Instinctually driven to stake out their territory, they pee all over everything each time the cage gets cleaned. Thus Lesley transformed her room from a cinnamon-smelling room into a barnyard overnight, thanks to Cute Mr. Mousey. Back to the pet store with him! The moral of the story, of course, being that even a little background research before such a purchase could have saved a great deal of trouble and smelliness.

– KF –

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