Day’s Verse:

The Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.

Luke 19:10


This is one of the few pictures I have taken with my camera in the last couple of days. With the death of the free Canon batteries, and with NiMH batteries and charger winging their way to me, the idea of buying non-rechargable batteries seems ludicrious. But we did, and I can get back to my addiction now. This picture was actually ridiculously difficult to take, if only because I did not have a tripod. Even with the image stabilizer on, I was quite some distance away from the subject – the fireplace – and was shooting through leaves and a window. Even on a fast shutter speed I simply could not get it stable. Also I note that I need to take my pictures on a higher resolution so that if I crop them small they do not turn out pixelized.

Of late: watching lots of Babylon 5, Luke’s contribution to our Science Fiction DVD Shelf, reading 3.5 hours of exceedingly boring marketing papers aloud (but that is $35 in my pocket), and after checking compulsively for days finding out that grades were posted … by reading somebody else’s profile. Suffice it to say that I apparently passed the Basic Skills Exam part of my Calc final, so I continue on to Calc II, hopefully the last math through which I ever have to suffer. Sleeping a lot. My only goal for the rest of break is to not feel compelled to edit the IQP that weighs my desk down. Perhaps master a little more of my camera. We’ll see.

– KF –

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