Day’s Verse:

“Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit.”

Luke 23:46


Finally classes have begun, although in truth I only had math today and since tomorrow is Wednesday none of my classes are held. This allows the week to start very slowly, and I would not think of complaining about that. To add some interest to the day I also went to an appointment at Clark Health Services – always a thrilling prospect. Serving as a doctor in a college must be a strange experience: imagine working, essentially, in a dorm building. The walls are sterile painted cement blocks, the floor cheap and durable carpeting, the furniture cheap, the technology avaliable highly limited. Think of training for all those years and landing in a crappy job like that.

On a brighter (pun intended) subject, let me present one of my first attempts at a long shutter speed. If you click on that picture it shows you the whole thing – since it is a long, thin picture, I just posted a thumbnail. Background: the Campus Center has some pool tables down on the first floor, and at one point I found myself there with my camera (I would not think of leaving the house without it!) and only one other guy down there. He played three games as I watched and fiddled with my camera. The hardest thing to get around was light: a long shutter speed (2”5) lets in a ton of light, so I had to compensate with everything else (EV -2, ISO 50, f/8.0) to keep it from overexposing too badly. The photo turned out bright, but only in a cool, shiny-bright kind of way. I still seem to be choosing bad ISOs, though, or something because nearly all my pictures still have a grainy quality to them. Hmmm.

– KF –

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