Day’s Verse:

Only conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ…

Phil 1:27


Miracles do happen, sometimes in the form of a blog appearing without my asking. Today has been one of struggling to find who God wants me to be – and I’m finding it isn’t an annoying, bossy wife. Aside from that, I think I understand the calculus assigned, I’ve finished my writing assignment, and two of the three sections (albeit the smallest sections) to edit on my IQP.

Carmel caught a squirrel while Dad was away in Minnesota on a business trip. Hypothesis: the squirrel, running the gauntlet of the fence with the neighbor’s dog on one side and Carmel on the other, probably got knocked off as one of the dogs jumped against the fence. I guess Carmel actually carried it in her mouth, and Mom had to lure her back into the house. Although the squirrel initially survived, it later died, possibly of internal injuries or broken bones. We always wondered what Carmel would do if she caught a squirrel; now we know. She will run around excitedly but not eat it or play with it. More than likely this was the culmination of all her doggy dreams – and will occupy her dreams for years in the future. If dogs have memories that long.

– KF –

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