Day’s Verse:

Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good.

Romans 12:9


I reached the NaNoWriMo goal of 50,000 words for Io’s Child! Hooray! I may keep writing on that but I may just save it for next year November. The upshot, however, is that I’ll be back to doing this blog and Not Quite Newsworthy on a more regular basis.

Ian’s cough seems to be going away, while I’ve developed a drippy, sniffly, sore-throaty something. But aside from that, I think things are easing up so that we’re still planning on going to Natick for Thanksgiving. Is it bad to have relatives nearby but only go visit them when we’re desperate for family? But they seem mighty busy with my little cousin Emma, and we’ve never been very close with our extended family. However, we do our little Thanksgiving thing and it ought to be fine. Spending the night in Natick will be a nice break from our Worcester apartment, so long as nobody actually does have whooping cough like we were afraid of. (On a tangent, I have come to firmly believe that the ease of access to symptoms and disease descriptions the internet grants is really too much. You start thinking crazy things about yourselfs [sic]. It’s worse than Where There Is No Doctor.)

I keep feeling like we’re going to fly home soon, although it’s not for a while. The exact time-fram is two more Writing Assignments, two chapters in math, and an IQP revision. I’d like to know: does it get easier, living away from home? Because my first year, I had no trouble; my second year I had a slightly harder time, and this year hasn’t eased up, that’s for sure.

– KF –

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