Day’s Verse:

You are just in all that has come upon us; for You have dealt faithfully, but we have acted wickedly.

Nehemiah 9:33


Yesterday Dad and I drove for an hour and a half to find snow. We went to Stevens Pass and happily discovered at least a foot – more? – of the white stuff. Dad had chosen a lake called either Hidden, Snow, or Skyline for us to hike to: a nice easy hike only 3 miles round trip… with 1,000 feet elevation gain. So we trudged up the long snowy incline and I wondered if I had used me legs at all during the last semester. Also because snow covered everything, we missed the trail turn-off twice, saw a radio tower we were not supposed to, turned around, and finally followed the right trail to the lake. As it turns out, snowy lakes are pretty boring, being just a broad expanse of flat snow you walk on only on peril of your life. So we went up to a little ridge and got a really cloudy, snowy view of the ski slopes across the valley while we ate our dry, dry sandwiches. Then we walked back, and down was just as hard as up because it was slick and Carmel kept stopping to pick little mini-snowballs out from between her toes. But it was wonderful and a great opportunity to get outside.

And a good reminder why exactly I like Washington so much. It is perfectly beautiful, except for the ‘Correction Center’ in Monroe. Sultan, Gold Bar, and Baring are all boring little towns, by the way.

Also recently we attended a 6-hour long Read-Aloud Party my mother organized; I read Cross Country Cat. Ben and Lisa came for a time, then they and Ian and I went to see the Bellevue Botanical Gardens Garden D’Lights. Although I took pictures, having borrowed a tripod off of Dad, none turned out particularly interesting.

Also this Christmas I tried to get people gifts that would mean something to them. So I designed Dad a sweatshirt with a stylized man and dog running, and made him coupons for dog-washing (as per his request). With the help of Deborah and Jane I made Mom a new Rummy Royal board out of felt, with specially designed little point-card pieces and so forth. Also Ian and I bought her llama earrings and a pot from the Pike Place Market, which were big hits. This year was really the first time I have looked forward with great anticipation other people opening the gifts I got for them. It was a good learning and living experience, and I am glad to be home.

– KF –

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