Day’s Verse:

What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy.

Acts 11:9


This picture I took on the only real hike that occurred this Christmas break, a mile-and-a-half snowshoeing trip up 1,000 feet elevation gain. I took this picture to commemorate our finally choosing the right trail to Hidden-Snow-Whatever-It’s-Called Lake. I wish all life could be sweating up snowy inclines and watching the dog de-ice her feet; but today classes started.

Now I really test my mettle as a WPI student, since for the first time I take three actual classes: Ethics and the Professions (Professor Shannon), Rhetorical Theory (Professor Smith), and Biodiversity (Professor Gibson). I have all three of them Monday and Thursday, and two of them Tuesday and Friday. Still a very liberal course of study for a student at a tech school, I feel rather wussy compared to the three-tech-classes-a-day-people. We shall simply see how they go, and discover which one becomes the blister on the foot of my academic studies this term. Guesses which class will morph into the pustule, anyone?

– KF –

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