Day’s Verse:

Through Him forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you, and through Him everyone who believes is freed from all things…

Acts 13:38 – 39


I was Clair Voyant, an extra character in last Saturday’s lovely Murder Mystery. Ben and Lisa were Rocco Scarfazzi and Terra Misu, respectively; and Ian was Bo Jalais. Fine pictures courtesy of my father, whose finger I assume blackens the bottom of Ian’s mug shot.

In my Rhetorical Theory class we have begun reading Plato’s Phaedrus, from which I snatch this interesting quote to share with you as I leave to write a paper on it:

Let us then liken the soul to the natural union of a team of winged horses and tehir charioteer. To begin with, our driver is in charge of a pair of horses; second, one of this horses is beautiful and good and from stock of the same sort, while the other is the opposite and has the opposite sort of bloodline. This means that chariot-driving in our case is inevitably a painfully difficult business. (lines 246B)

The professors have piled on a good 45 pages of reading per class due Monday, so this weekend the new books and I will have a nice get-to-know-you session. I need a name tag: “Hi, I’m Katie, and I’ll be your reader today.”

– KF –

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