Waiting For You


Day’s Verse:

“Do not be afraid any longer, but go on speaking and do not be silent; for I am with you…”

Acts 18:10


If you can identify where and/or when the picture for today was taken, I will send you a prize. Your guess needs to be specific. Good luck.

I hear that to get good at writing you just have to write. So I do, although usually the Muse of Writing seizes me rather roughly by the scruff of my neck, shakes me like a rat, and throws me aside in disgust. But I keep coming back and sacrificing words on her altar, and perhaps one day somebody will read something I wrote and think that it was worth the time they spent reading. I am fully aware that time has not yet come, and will not for quite a while; but here are my three biggest attempts, arduously put online for the one person who might read my blog, then take the time to look (just look!) at my further work. Continue Reading >>