Day’s Verse:

Did You not pour me out like milk and curdle me like cheese; clothe me with skin and flesh, and knit me together with bones and sinews?

Job 10:10-11


Alright, the joke is only funny if you know that humans are deuterostomes. I can hardly help sharing things that make me smirk. So sue me.

Pre SPC Meeting: Rather nervous, and also miffed at self for leaving nice black overshirt at home from Christmas break. The lack of the black shirt means I have to go more casual than I would have liked, and now I wonder if I will be underdressed (not to be mistaken with undressed).

Post SPC Meeting: Was definitely underdressed, but still people forgave me and probably just told themselves I was a student and students rarely dress that nicely. I met more writers, photographers, PR Directors, and technical communicators in two hours than I have in the sum total of the rest of my life. They all said nice things about me, and best of all – the scholarship was $1,000, when I thought it would be like $100. And it turns out I am now an honorary member of the Society of Professional Communicators. The speakers for this meeting were two photographers from the Telegram & Gazette, and they talked about digital photography and how it is changing the way newspaper photographers go about their business. Also on a random note they had a raffle and one lady won two things. So she gave me a $25 gift certificate to an organic food store called Tip Top, which unfortunately is in a town called Brookfield, 18 miles away. Overall I would rate the meeting a positive albeit highly uncomfortable experience for a 20-year-old student looking to get into the technical writing field. Did I mention they were nearly all middle-aged women? I felt distinctly young and inexperienced.

In other big news, I got an email from my advisor about MQP possibilites. He said:

the project that’s most urgent has to do with developing materials to publicize the organization’s work, such as display boards, brochures, redoing website, posters, etc. They want to think about new and more effective ways to project the image of the organization as vital, fun, funky, young, creative. Broadly this would be a project in public relations (or what is now often called “social marketing” when it has to do with nonprofits) and branding (or creating verbally and visually easily recognizable organizational identities) and might include journalistic accounts of some of their activities and/or development of new material for organization’s programs and/or grant proposals.

I hardly know if that is what I want to do – I was hoping to do some research and write articles or something. But if this is a definite project…and Prof. Trimbur needs to know before Feb. 26 when he leaves London what project I will be doing E term. Doggone tough choices.

– KF –

3 thoughts on “Doodterostomes

  1. “I felt distinctly young and inexperienced.”

    Mmmmm, paying yr dues. We all got to be the “kid” at the party at least once.

  2. Congrats on getting through the presentation and all! It’s all about connections, you know. 🙂 The MQP sounds really interesting; although maybe not involving strictly the kind of research you were expecting, it is still a type of research to learn how to present an organization to their desired public. Speaking of grant writing–you could do a lot of good for non-profits with that skill. Anyway, good luck on the decision.

  3. Weird fact: the gift certificat thing was a choice. They offered me one to a place on Park Ave or a place in Brookfield. I had never heard of either, and in a moment of awkward panic I just grabbed the one on top.


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