Day’s Verse:

“I will never again curse the ground on account of men, for the intent of a man’s heart is evil from his youth; and I will never again destroy every living thing, as I have done.”

Genesis 8:21


In an interesting quirk, it appears that Haloscan may, or may not, support a thing called gravatars. They are globally recognized avatars, little pictures that appear next to a person’s comments. To get one you have to sign up at gravatar.com, which is inoccuous and asks only for your email and a password. Then you submit an 80×80 pixel picture, they give it an MPAA rating (mine is rated G), and it starts appearing on comments that support it. For an example check out the comment I left on yesterday’s blog. What I don’t understand is why some people can have the little gravatars (if you can and don’t, a little blue square appears next to your post) and some people can’t.

Another thing I don’t understand is how I’m going to make a decision on the MQP that Professor Trimbur unearthed for me. On the one hand, any MQP would be a good experience, this one no less than any others. On the other hand, I really wanted to do an MQP that would help me get some journalist experience, maybe even get something published. Or, if not that, at least produce written work I can show to future employers as an example of my abilities. Even internships at newspapers require prior experience and 5 – 10 pieces of published work as examples. I was hoping the MQP would help me obtain some of that experience. This MQP has a marketing/PR/branding focus that immediately turns me off from it, given my marketing IQP experience. I do not want to get into marketing or PR work and I fear that too much school experience in those fields will make employers happy to hire me on for such work in the future. Then again, the description of designing – display boards, brochures, redoing website, posters, etc. They want to think about new and more effective ways to project the image of the organization as vital, fun, funky, young, creative. – hardly sounds bad. I did enjoy designing a public-interest campaign for my first Tech Writing class here, designing the ads about eating disorders. But I really, really like writing and that is what I want to do in the future. Am I putting too much stake on the MQP as future job experience? Should I think of it as just a valuable experience in general? Maybe, in fact, I would be good at PR/marketing-type work and that’s what God wants me to do. But maybe I would hate it, even if I were good at it, and I don’t want to slip into a career that I dislike just because I have the skills to execute the job well.

So I’m in a quandry. Sorry this was so long and, I’m sure, boring. I just don’t know what to do, or how to decide.

– KF –

3 thoughts on “Trapped Like a Squirrel on a Chimney

  1. that sounds like an awesome MQP to me, but I’m more on the design/marketing interest in TC. Is this one in London?

  2. Can you ask the prof if there’s something available more like you are wanting to do? If not, at this stage of your life I’d say that any experience is good and you won’t have to get trapped working in a field you don’t like. I doubt that a future employer will pigeonhole you based on one college project.

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