Day’s Verse:
For since He Himself was tempted in that which He has suffered, He is able to come to the aid of those who are tempted.
Hebrews 2:18

Temptations abound in the world. Sometimes I wish I could just retreat to a bubble of safety and goodness rather like a snail pulling back into its shell. Then I realize college is a bubble of safety and goodness compared to the company-eat-rookie real world, and I quake at the thought of graduating.

But temptations still abound, even in this bubblicious college campus. For example: Temptation 1: I always feel the temptation not to eat. I feel disgusted with myself for eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the greatest of joi de vivre; then I feel disgusted for feeling disgusted because in my mind I know eating is a good thing. Then I think, No I should only eat twice a day like Ian and Luke. But I give in to the temptation of a bowl of granola for breakfast or sandwich and banana for lunch, and feel disgusted afresh. The hard part is to give in to the temptation of healthy food, and not to the temptation of starvation.

Temptation 2 and 3: there is the temptation not to exercise and the widely-experienced feelings of guilt associated with lack of said exercise. Sure, my computer is alluring (ex: I spent 25 minutes on this), its sleek aluminum body gleaming, its dual monitors winking brightly, its optical mouse gleaming red. The whole thing begs for use, although I surely use it eight hours a day already. For the Heaven’s sake, get me away from the machine! So there is temptation of the computer in relation to not exercising and that compounded with my innate laziness and the constantly snowy weather results in…me feeling disgusted with myself again! The temptation not to exercise is amazingly strong when I most need to move my blood around. So I try to do push-ups and sit-ups in the morning to appease my psyche but still I feel my jeans tighten about my once-slender waist. See also: temptation 1.

Temptation 4: who wants to do homework, especially with 10 days of class left until we get to fly home to the rainy Pacific Northwest? Especially in biology, although I know that a grade isn’t the only issue at stake here, still I cannot dredge up enough mental energy to read the chapter on coelomate invertebrates. The pervasiveness of the WPI slacker-disease is incredible; it strikes without warning and has an almost 100% fatality rate. Yet it is only a WPI problem, but a personal problem. I work hard, very hard, out of fear of failure and as a result tend to succeed well enough. My intelligence is nothing compared to most WPI students’ and so I must make up for it in work. What happens when I start relaxing a little bit? That’s the temptation.

– KF –

10 days to home.

5 thoughts on “Temptations

  1. PS – In biology today we learned that snails’ bodies are twisted so their anus is right above their heads.

    Our roommate’s immediate reaction: “What sh*theads.”

  2. Ok, as a biology person, you should know that 2 meals a day is actually worse for you. Eating smaller meals more often during the day is better than larger meals fewer times.
    Second, the motivation to do no exercize is partially brought on from the cold weather and possibly because you don’t see exercize as fun (a perspective which I personally hold to).
    Third, no one wants to do HW, especially right before break. Also, I have no dobut that you are not stupid compared to the rest of WPI. You may not be the smartest person there, but hey, there’s only one of them, right?

    All in all, each of these temptations you seem so concerned w/ seem to me to be natural parts of being human. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to overcome them, but don’t beat yourself up over them either; that just leads to feeling disgusted w/ yourself which rarely, if ever, leads to solving the problem.

  3. She just don’t understand that, no matter whut, the BODAY must be appeased in regular cycles, given ANY person’s metabolic rate. I’ve lost like 15 pounds this term cause I eat once a day, but you know what? I’m going to gain all that and then some over term break when I reinitiate normal foodies cycles and take in extra carbs and fats without even my knowledge (as far as my knowledge doesn’t exclude becon and eggiwegs and the 4am McDonalds run). The end result is, whether or not you see it, yr BODAY always knows best. Go with that second plan: exercise. Squash and Racketball class as reworked muscles and parts of me I forgot I even had in the past 4 years since I lifted, and that’s very controllable: muscle tissue, which you learned in BIO 1 will always burn more calories than fat tissue! BAM!

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