Day’s Verse:
Christ was faithful as a Son over His house–whose house we are if we hold fast our confidence…
Hebrews 3:6

It’s kind of obscene, but today’s picture (click to see the whole thing) is actually our roommate Luke’s intellectual property. Blame the joke on him, although I confess I did draw it. If you don’t get it, click here (this is also cool but has nothing to do with snails). If you still don’t get it leave a comment and I’ll explain in small words.

I had an amazingly busy day today, for all it was Wednesday. For those of you who are unaware of the fact, I have no class on Wednesday and as a result usually do homework and take my time about it. Also we often have a labor-intensive dinner such as lasagna since I have time to prepare on Wednesdays. Abnormally, today got crazy about 1:00 in the afternoon, when I accompanied Ian to campus so I could check my mailbox. Had it been empty, I would have just gone back to the apartment and kept reading about arachnids. However, two exciting and unanticipated objects came out in my hand from that mystical little cubbyhole. First, a brand new Leatherman replacing the one I mailed back to the Leatherman Tool Group a couple weeks ago. Its scissors had broken and I decided to take them up on the lifetime warranty each knife comes with. I am very satisfied with their service and would strongly recommend that if you want a Swiss Army Knife type pocket knife, you buy a Leatherman. Ian and I also have matching Squirts on our keys.

That was one thing that came in the mail. The other thing was my Clark transcript (which cost $4, the jerks). Being the woman of action I am, I took that transcript right over to the professor in charge of the transfer Sufficiency credit. To my great surprise he opened the door to his office and we sat down right then to hammer out my Suff options. When he told me that I could either take a grade of CR (credit) or write a Suff to earn a letter grade, I drew upon earlier research on the Suff to point out the passage in the Handbook that reads:

Students whose grades on transferred courses average A can submit samples of their course work and may be awarded an A for the Humanities and Arts Sufficiency Requirement.

Lo and behold I earned an A for all six of my Suff transfer courses! So now I have to choose a paper from each of my three English classes to be graded by the Suff transfer guy and the head of the Humanities department; whatever grade I earn on those three papers is the grade I get on my Suff. I went through all my saved papers and of the three English classes I’ve taken, and of all the papers written for those classes, could only find two graded papers. Two?! Of course I can just print out a new copy of any paper, but I wanted to find ones I got A’s on to up my chances of getting an A again. So that is cool but also stressful. Still, I’d almost rather get a B on the Suff than just CR…or would I? Which looks worse on a transcript? In any case I really, really, really hope I get an A on those three papers. Please, God, let them be nice graders.

That wasn’t the end of the day! No, it wasn’t even half the day, because when I got back Luke was about to go to the WPI job fair that’s happening today and tomorrow. There I learned that the likelihood of my getting a job at a WPI job fair is very, very slim. The companies come looking for engineers – ECE, EE, ME, CS, even Management Information Systems people – but no Technical, Professional, and Scientific Communicators. They had never heard of TC; they asked if I could add “engineer” at the end of my major; the blunt ones downright said “forget it” while the nice ones said, “I’ll make sure your resume gets to the right place” (meaning the recycle bin). A fellow TC major and I kept seeing each other and shaking our heads mournfully. We shared rejection stories and compared companies that had never heard of our major. I personally heard no’s from Entergy, Checkerboard, Textron, UPS, and Tyco. Also Raytheon told my fellow TC major a flat no. Then again I don’t think that I could, in good conscience, work for a defense contractor. Just working for a company that designes products to kill people rubs me the wrong way; we need peace and peace shouldn’t need weapons. Helping design killing machines is wrong, and I also hope Ian doesn’t get a job with them. I think he would take one if they offered him one in Western Washington. So I stayed at the job fair for about an hour.

My fellow starving TC major and I came back to the apartment and ate more waffles, of which I would happily partake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then I realized it was 4:05, and I had to hustle out to get February’s 25 pictures printed. So I got there at 4:15 and of course it takes an hour. I hate walking there and then back to the apartment and then back there and then back again, so instead I turned the card in and walked around taking more pictures for an hour. I trudged up a big snowy hill, then right back down again because there was nothing at the top. I walked along nice neighborhood streets and took pictures of the Virgin Mary statue at a Catholic church. An hour goes by slowly in the blustery cold but finally my watch read 5:15 so I betook myself back to L.B. Wheaton, picked up the pictures (they turned out well), and hustled back to the apartment again. That’s when I remembered I had promised to make baked herb chicken and rice for dinner, but it needs to go in the oven an hour before you want eat. Thankfully my wonderful husband and roommate had realized that I wouldn’t be back to make dinner so the chicken was in the oven when I got home.

So we ate, joined by Eric, our roommate from last year. He liked the rice, and he knows good rice, having eaten probably 50 lbs of it last year. So now my computer clock reads 7:27 and at 8:00 I head off to Bible Study until 9:00. And I have yet to execute the highly tense Choosing of Papers for the Suff. What a ridiculously busy day!

– KF –

2 thoughts on “A Truly College Day: An Unusual Day in the Life of Yours Truly

  1. PS – My day topped off awesomely too, with discovering that my Leatherman Squirt comes with a secret pair of tweezers that neither Ian nor I knew about (and we’ve had these for over a year).

  2. Are you kidding man!? When you get that A on your MQP, you’re going to be like DAG YO I COULD’VE GRADUATED WITH HONORS! You already have a third of the puzzle, go for the last two.

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